Prussian Reinforcements

Some additional forces to add to this burgeoning project.  Two stands of converged Grenadiers.

I can field these separately or combine them for "battalion" scale games:

I opted to use the other half to do IR #6 Grenadier Guards.  However I have the flag reversed with the IR #15 for some reason.  I will need to carve it out and fix it in the near future. 

I am basically trying to stage this project in 4-5 unit brigades to manage it over time.  These guys represent the balance of the Pendraken infantry I have on-hand, though I may pick up 1-2 regiments worth of Fusiliers to see how I like them.  Otherwise, I plan on doing the next brigade with Old Glory 10mm Prussians.  (After I do a few regiments of Austrians of course...)

I still have some Pendraken artillery to finish as well as the final touches on their interpretation of Der Alte Fritz....

IR. 1 Winterfeldt is coming...

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