Breaking up the outline

I was looking around at Gamer's Haven up in Spokane last month when I found a packet of camouflage netting for 28mm vehicles.  I have been meaning to spruce up my 28mm Cold War vehicles, so I figured I would give it a try.  I chose to try it out on my M48A3 which started life as a snap-tite model from the local hobby shop:

I managed to spruce it up with a MERDC paint scheme as some weathering powders, but it was still lacking a certain something:

For the application of the camo net, I dipped the material in watered down white glue and then carefully wrapped it around the barrel and turret.  I tried to make sure it didn't cover the optics or get in the way of the turret or tracks.  (Much as you do with the real thing.)  Finally I gave it a liberal dose of Earl Grey tea to make it look like the real disruptive fabric strips in modern nets.

 A minor distraction, but it does make for a better looking model.

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