Austrian Artillery Park

The milestones are now falling faster as the end of the project approaches.  This time it is the completion of the Austrian artillery park.  Just as with the Prussian Artillery   I ordered one last battery of heavy guns and one of mortars from Pendraken.  That included another four limbers which provides enough to support all of my projected needs. 
This brings me to a total of 12 guns and nine limbers:

 4 batteries of heavies6 batteries of mediums2 batteries of Howitzers.  

I am also just about done with the cavalry, so only the Jaegers/Grenze remain.

Pink Teams

and the last of the Musketeers

Mounted Grenadiers

Last of the Fusiliers

Wurtemberg Dragoons

The project that should not be.

Szekely and Seydlitz Hussars

Runewars Miniatures Game

Dessewffy however is a little harder.....

Itzenplitz is a fun word to say...

Prussian Guns and Limbers - Pendraken and Old Glory Comparison.

Buddenbrock Currasier

Zweibrucken Dragoons