Casting Room Miniatures Landsknechts

Along with the mounted Crossbowmen I worked on last month, I finally got around to completing a set of pikemen I picked up from Casting Room Miniatures a couple of years ago.  There is a mix of three packs shown here (plus a Foundry captain) The three models in the back left are from the Landsknecht Characters 3 pack.  I like the addition of a couple guys getting properly lubricated prior to combat.  The others are armored models from the 'push of pike' and 'standing' packs.  There is currently only enough models to do a single stand, but the models I picked up from a Landsknechts Kickstarter will mix in with the remaining figures to allow me to do a total of six stands.  Thus these guys are meant to be the front rank of a future unit. 

I am out of clever puns, so here are more samurai

Mounted Crossbow.

Polyversal Reinforcements

The Road to Ruin

Rough Riders

Compare and Contrast


Dark Age Warrior

Another Daimyo

Finishing off the Onna Bugeisha kickstarter