Winter дебил

  A host of additional irregular troops for my "post-Soviet transition phase project."  These miniatures represent both sides of the current conflict in the Donetsk region of Eastern Ukraine.  The minis are from SAS now "Footsore Modern" and include one squad from each side with a smattering of military a civilian kit.  The weapons are a mix of the AK family with what could be a few odd ARs thrown into the mix. I opted to use the same colors I did for the Chechnyan and Russian troops from Tiny Terrain Miniatures last year.   Some of the kit looks a little too recent, but I am planning to try some head swaps to get something that looks a little more appropriate for the 90's rather than ultra modern.  I have been playing around with the rules for Osprey's "Zona Alfa" and these models should fit in rather well with that as well.  I am maintaining the winter motif with the group to make it something different from my other collections.   Speaking of Zo

Samurai Heroes

Viking pair

Colder War gone luke warm

Super Mutants

I for one welcome our future Robot overlords.

Ad Victoriam

Crawl out through the fallout....