Some unarmored vikings to join all their armored brethren in this project.  I decided to add some uniformity here by organize all of my Bondi with 'clan' shields.  I.e. unified shield patterns to offset the varied dress codes. This is rather the opposite of what I am achieving with the Hirdmen, who are all dressed the same and have different shields. 

It is also a nice way to use up all the "wood' shields provided with the Footsore infantry packs.  These look best painted, while the flat ones are ideal for transfers.  Thus I opted to go with hand-painted patterns on the Bondi, and save the transfers for the fancier, armored Hirdmen. 

Lots of vikings in the queue right now, so expect another 3-6 units to finish out the month.

Varangian Guard

More Footsore Dane-axes

Goal Setting 2020