Surviving the arrows of outrageous fortune

With all these Teppo I have been cranking out lately, I thought it high time to give them some protection.  In this case, I painted up a set of Small Mantlets from Perry's Samurai range.  I picked them up at the same time I ordered the decals, and they look excellent.  Each one is two parts with the mantlet and a kickstand to hold it up.  For the first group I went with a solid white paint scheme on both sides followed by a minwax treatment and some off-white highlights.  They are mounted on 3cm x 12cm wooden bases to allow each stand to cover the frontage of one Impetus-style unit stand.

I thought about going smaller, but figured if I found rules that necessitated it, I could cut one of the stands in half.  As it stands, they make nice table dressing to give a better "Sengoku Jidai" feel to the table.  I have 12 more I plan to do in a different color with Takeda Mon to support playing both sides in small game.

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