Chipping away at old projects.

The realization hit me over the weekend, that it was three years since I visited the Imjin War museum in Jinju, South Korea.  I haven't added to the Korean side of my Imjin War project since I made a similar realization last year.  Thus I opted to burn some time the weekend trying to get caught up a little bit.  First up are these six Halberdiers which join the unit I finished last April.  My overall plan is to plus all of my Heavy Infantry formations up to 24 figures each, to provide some flexibility.  I have another six to go to finish this unit, then I need to tackle the tough one:  Guard Infantry.  These guys are fairly daunting as they have spears, bows and shields. Korean Shields can be a little ornate...

This is compounded by the lack of source material for the models in question.  (Perry only added an actual picture of the minis, unpainted, this year.) 

I took some pictures of the equipment at one of the former palaces (Suwon)  to use as inspiration

It looks like Reds and…

Union Cavalry Reinforcements



Runewars Undead Contingent

Beyreuth Dragoons and the Last of the Prussian Cavalry

Modena Curassier and the last of the Austrian Cavalry

St Ignon Dragoons

Austrian Artillery Park

Pink Teams

and the last of the Musketeers