Prussian Dragoons and Cavalry Comparisons....

All of my Prussian cavalry completed to date has been various flavors of Hussars, so I thought it time to start adding in the meat of the organization.  First up are two regiments of Prussian Dragoons from Old Glory's 10mm line.  Being completely unoriginal in my approach I opted to start with Dragoon Regiments #1 Normann Dragoons and #2 Blanckensee Dragoons

As with all the other Old Glory castings these are done with separate horses and riders.  This has the advantage of allowing me to pick the castings for each regiment (most of the heavies and mediums will have standing mounts, with chargers for the lights), and makes batch painting much easier (I currently have mounts painted for an additional 10 regiments of cavalry).  The down side is that the riders don't always fit quite right and can fall off with handling  (I recently discovered a Curassier Trooper that had gone missing into the carpet about 2 months ago.)  
Pendraken's cavalry all comes in 1 piece, but does com…

The Prussian Side as well, I suppose

Getting my Grenadiers in order....

IR 16 Dohna and 18 Prince of Prussia to finish off my month of SYW.

IR#27 Kleist Infantry

Nádasdy Hussars

Braunschweig Infantry

De Ligne Infantry

Sachsen-Gotha Infantry

Wartenburg Hussars

Zeiten Hussars

Jazygier-Kumanier Hussars

More Austrian Grenadiers

Preparing for winter

Lots of Big Guns...