British Commandos

I've been on a World War II kick over the last couple of months, so I decided to expand my 28mm Collection to the British Army.  For skirmish gaming I tend to prefer smaller specialty units as it makes more sense to me for them to be rather isolated on the table rather than part of a much larger group.  (Thus why I tend to collect various Paratroopers for example)  It seemed natural to start off with a platoon of British Commandos.  I picked up several packs of Artizan figures from Caliver books and have taken to painting them in batches.  The first batch were "guys with helmers"  

I followed that up with "Troopers with Berets" to flesh out the first couple of squads 
Lastly I tackled the command group (PL, Radio Operator, 2" mortarman and PIAT) and a pack of "SAS" troopers in denison smocks.  The SAS were a nice addition as they gave me an opportunity to practice doing the camouflage pattern for the British Airborne platoon I am also working on. 


Chain of Command Accouterments

Airborne LMG

Super-duper Paratrooopers

Terrain Update

Monstrous Update

US Fleet for Midway and beyond

Last of the Imperial Japanese Navy

What lurks below

I finally SAW another project through...