Thursday, December 8, 2016

Battlestars and Cylons

Re-boot era Galactica

Wrapping up the Trifecta of starships is my small collection of Battlestar Galactica ships from bothe the original show and the Re-boot.

Re-Boot era Pegasus

Original Series Galactica

Re-booted base stars

Lined up with fighter squadrons

Battlestar fleet with a mix of vipers and Raptors

Original Series era Vipers launch against the old school Base star.  

Babylon 5 - Minbari

Also on the scifi front an array of Fleet Actions scale Minbari warships I used for Call to Arms many years ago.  This includes a mixture of heavy and light warships from the old Agensts of gaming collection.

Aerotech -ELH Task Force

The dropships from the previous Link are part of my Eridani Light Horse task force.  Just some Leopards, unions and overlords to bring the Regiment into action.

Warnign SciFi - Aerotech -Fox Corvetes

Some more photos from the archive.  Today, I am adding some of my starship collections.  First up, my nascent Davion fleet for Aerotech 2.    This includes two fox class corvettes and  a congress class cruiser with a pile of dropships as consorts.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Rollin, rollin, rollin...

I picked up some more 4Ground Japanese terrain from Caliver Books last month, so I opted to throw in some scatter terrain as well.  In this case I have two Asian Hand Carts and an Oxcart.

The models come pre-stained and are relatively easy to assemble.  The instructions call for PVA glue, but I find that CyA and accelerant work much better for dealing with the fiddly bits.

The Ox is a Foundry(?) model I have had sitting in the parts bin for some time, so it works out nicely to finally have a reason to paint it up.  I need to find some appropriate bundles or scratch build some cargo to go on these to help them really 'pop' on the table.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

More adventures in 1850mm

Work continues in my long standing quest to complete the Den.  During my extended Thanksgiving break, I decided to finally tackle the book cases.  My wife did a phenomenal job re-surfacing and painting our kitchen cabinets using Chalk paints and tinted wax, so I opted to  remnants to tackle the west wall and the reading corner.  

I opted to go with a Graphite wall paint, and a deeper grey for the cabinet.  Overall I think it turned out well.  Especially considering my starting point back in the summer of 2012:

Moving in

Getting comfortable
to this...

Also of note, I added the swinging door last year.  It has proved a godsend as my house is infested with a strain of felis domesticus that preys on small figurines.

Long term plans from here are to re-do the ceiling and the walls.  I am thinking of doing wood paneling for the overhead, and I need to come up with a lighter colors for the walls that will help to increase the ambient light.  I also plan on crafting some sliding cabinet doors for my long cabinet in order to hide more of the clutter behind well-crafted wood facades...

That's right, I'm looking at you pal!

On the gaming front, I managed to join Jon for an evening of Samurai Battles.  We opted to try the 4th Kawanakijima series of battles from the basic set.  We only completed 3 of the four scenarios as we had to invoke the "murder rule" to end the bitter humiliation of my Takeda army against the savage ruthlessness of the Uesegi juggernaut.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Choson Garrison force on Parade

I have actually hit the first benchmark with this project with the completion of my Garrison infantry force.  I knocked out the last 20 soldiers to include some standard bearers.  (For now I settled on the flags available at the Perry Miniatures site, although they are all carrying "Ambush" flags.)

These are set up in groups of 12 for Lion Rampant, but I plan on knocking out the Sabot bases for Impetus before the year is out.  This gives me four units of melee troops with two units of missile support + the artillery.

The "Rightous Army" portion of the force has enough Peasant militia at this point, but I plan on adding some Buddhist monk units to fill them out.  The big portion is the heavy infantry, they promise some interesting units including the duel swordsman.  I may have to pick up the mounted version as well.

I also took advantage of the plethora of Black Friday sales to round out several other projects, including picking up the pieces to update the Samurai side of the Imjin project.  I plan on supplementing my Uesegi/Takeda skirmish project with troops from Kato Kiyomasa's 2nd Division.  His group fought engagements across the whole of the Peninsula including taking on the Jurchin riders across the Yalu river.  Also, his mon is a circle which makes some of the detail work easier.