Figs for trade or sale

The Purge file

This page includes various rump projects and excess figures I need to purge from the lead pile.  I post the groups over at TMP and/or bartertown from time to time, and link to here for pictures.  I am always interested in trades for unpainted figures as well.  Right now I am looking for:

10mm GHQ, Old Glory or Pendraken British Napoleonic infantry
10mm GHQ or Old Glory ACW infantry
10mm SYW  Old Glory or Pendraken Austrian or Prussian Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry
28mm Eureka Cold War US/USSR in Chemical gear
28mm Soviet T-72, BMP, BRDM or T-62
28mm US Jeep
28mm Ancient Egyptians
28mm WWII British Paras

28mm Plastic Samurai/Ashigaru

These are all Wargame's Factory figures from their four Samurai Era boxed sets.  Figures were cleaned and assembled using plastic model cement, and then given a spray primer. Paint scheme is base coated over primer followed by a minwax varnish followed with highlighting and a final dull cote spray.  Figures are individually based on 1.5" wooden rounds with white glue for easy separation if you want to re-base.  Grass Tufts are from Tamiya and can be re-used. 

Collection Total:
Mounted:  6
Samurai:  15
Ashigaru:  3 units of 8; 2 w/ pike. 1 w/ short spear.
Missile Troops: 2 units of 8: 1 w/ Handguns, 1 w/ Bows 

Mounted Troops
8 Mounted Samurai

Mounted Leader 1

Mounted Leader 2


4 Heavily Armored Samurai

Close Up

Group of Samurai

Close Up

Four more Samurai
Three More


8 Ashigaru w/ pike


Leader Figure

8 Ashigaru w/ Short Spears 

Close Up

Missile Troops 
4 of 8 Ashigaru Archers

The other 4

8 Ashigaru with Teppo

Close-Up 1

Close Up 2

28mm Plastic Vikings

1/72 Scale Cold War plastic models

1 M551 Sheridan, 50 US Infantry and 8 M48A5 tanks

 1/72 Scale WWII Armor

German Tiger IE, Panzer IVF1, Stug IIIG

15mm War of 1812