Battle of Zorndorf in 18mm

Army Commander   -Fermor

 Right Wing Cavalry

Division Commander: Gaugreben

Kargopolskiy Horse Grenadiers (3 sqns)

Novotroitskiy Cuirassiers (3 sqns)*

Tobolskiy Dragoons (3 sqns)

Serbskiy Hussars (5 sqns)

1st Line Infantry

Division Commander:  Saltykov

1st Grenadier Regiment

Second Line Infantry

Division Commander: Galytsin

2nd Grenadier (2 bns)

Colors are currently for the Archangel Musketeers
Colors are currently for the Apsheronskiy Musketeers

Colors are currently for the Pskov Musketeers

Colors are currently for the Butyrskiy Musketeers

Left Wing: Observation Corps

Division Commander:  Brown

1st Observation Corps Musketeers

Left Wing Cavalry

Division Commander: Demiku

Prince Fedorovitch Cuirassiers (5 sqns)

3rd Cuirassier (5 sqns)

Kazanskiy Cuirassiers (3 sqns)*

Arkhangelogorodskiy Dragoons (3 sqns)

Gruzinskiy Hussars (5 sqns)

Moldavskiy Hussars (5 sqns)

1st Novoserbskiy Hussars (10 sqns)

Army Artillery Train

6 pdr Cannon Batteries (Blue Moon)

12 pdr Cannons (Eureka)

Unicorn Howitzers (Eureka)

Shuvalov Guns