The work zone

While taking photos of several of the completed figures I opted to snap a few of the current "work in progress figures"  I thought I might share them if for no other purpose than to motivate myself to finish them. Most of the effort has been in completing all of the new models that came in with the Clan War era minis from the Battletech Kickstarter.  I have completed several dozen models at this point with complete companies/stars done for various factions.  Currently I am finishing up a Trinary of mechs and infantry for Clan Wolf Beta Galaxy.  This includes some older lead models that have languished in the lead pile since the 90's.  I did these figures using a mid brown tone triad with my airbrush and am fairly happy with the overall results.  I also started attaching my models to old paint bottles using two-sided tape which makes assembly line work significantly easier.  Speaking of Kickstarters, I have also put a full courst press on finishing the Landsknecht models f

Chain of Command

British Para Personalities

A few more Dark Age figures

Motor Rifle Reinforcements for the GSFG

Wear and Tear

Airbrush adventures with Big Stompy Robots

Populating the Zone

Modern Skirmishers

Sohei archers

France 1940