Light feet and Short Spears

Another twelve figures for the Oda clan.  This time it's a dozen Ashigaru with short Yari.  These are the soft metal spears that come with the Perry models, and overall I am less than enthused.  As you can see from the pictures, it is difficult to keep them from bending even with light handling.  This is fine for unit basing, but annoying in skirmish models.  Normally I just use the pikes that come with the Wargame' Factory (now Warlord) plastic Ashigaru, but those are running out. 

The decals for the Oda Mon are from Warflag.  These are a little more difficult to work with than the Perry decals as all of the decals are part of a single sheet rather than individual decals.  That means a lot of trimming to make sure they lay flat.  The worked well for the Sashimono, but I had a lot of frustration with with the mon for the helmets, and gave up on using them for the breastplates.  Even with a tight trim and decal set, it was hard to get them to adhere to the curved surfaces.  Th…

Going Prone

Archers for Oda

Chechen Fighters

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1st Quarter Update