A variety of pests and beasts

All the focus on skirmish games like Rangers of Shadowdeep, Zona Alfa and Fallout means a need for various monsters and creatures for incidental contact.  I focused primarily on getting all of the science fiction inspired beasts done, with a few fantasy types as well.  The miniatures pictured above are a pair of 'cyber dogs' from Brother Vinni miniatures inspired by Fallout 3.  Useful for games like This is Not a Test and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Speaking of which, I also finished a set of Gouls and Glowing ones from Modiphious.  As with most of their Resin kits these are rather expensive for a horde type unit.  For the most part, these figs are getting table time for Zona Alfa.    I went with a mix of greens and yellows for the "Glowing Ones"  For the ghouls I did a base of AP Barbarian Flesh with dark brown wash rather than the normal flesh wash.  I highlighted them with Necrotic flesh as well.   For those looking for a more affordable alternative, I found these


Sohei and Ona-Bugeisha


Mish mash of Skirmish figs