TYW - Infantry Basing experiments

Three different formats for my Pike and Shotte units   I am finally tackling the most difficult portion of rebasing my Thirty Years Collection - The infantry.  The massive mixed pike and shotte units of the time period is what actually drew me to this time period.  I am interested in transition points like this where pike blocks slowly gave way to the musket armed infantry of the 18th and 19thC. The epic scale collection from Warlord allows for representing these massive formations with some suitable mass on the tabletop.  My issue, however, is that my limited space, game opportunities and general philosophy on wargaming continues to push me towards single unit basing.    I gave up ideas like figure removal long ago, and much keeping models on the table for as long as possible.  I have to sacrifice representing specialty formations (Square and column for example), but found those to be outside the scope of what I wanted to simulate anyway.  I started with my Dragoons, there really seem

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