Airbrush adventures with Big Stompy Robots

  As mentioned in the last update, I picked up a new airbrush to experiment with various painting techniques.   I decided on a the double-action and owe so humbly named "Badger SOTAR ( State Of The Art Results )" I also purchased the basic set from Army Painter's new airbrush series.  I've got to say I am quite happy with these as there is no need for mixing and meddling with the paints as they are good to go right out of the bottle.   My first few projects for the airbrush were some older Battletech minis.  The arrival of my Kickstarter minis inspired me to go through 30+ years of unpainted mechs to get some finally painted up.  I wanted to first try out how the airbrush would work for monotone applications, so I tried out some Kurita mechs.   First up were a pair of plastic mechs from the 1992 edition boxed set.  I did a basic grey primer than applied a monotone red shade.  Finally, I added a little yellow to the mix to get some highlights.  Lastly I gave them a was

Populating the Zone

Modern Skirmishers

Sohei archers

France 1940

another Renaissance in painting

Mixed Modern Skirmish update

Stockhausen 1987 - PART III The Battle