TYW - Warlord's new Cuirassiers

Warlord recently answered the call for decent some decent Cuirassiers sculpts to fit in with their Epic Thirty Years War range.  The boxed set comes with 15 different 1 piece sculpts in their "warlord resin" material.  The set includes a 3 figure command group and a 12 troopers armed with a mix of pistols, swords and hammers.  

The other side
They painted up quite easily with good detail, and simple sculpting lines. The resin material is very lightweight, and other than one bendy sword tip, holds shape quite well.  

I used 13 models from the set to create 2x 7 man units with an added Peter Pig bugler to add some variety to the second stand.  The remaining two models will find their way onto some command stands in the near future as most of the rank and file is now complete.  

For comparison I did some shots of them facing off with models from the other manufacturers in my collection.  Scalewise they sit a little higher than the Peter Pig models, but this is mostly due to the thick figure bases rather than the height of the actual sculpts.  

Peter Pig 15mm vs Warlord Resin

I would rate them as comparable to the Peter Pig models in overall appearance, though the horses are less detailed and lack the "hand crafted" look of traditionally sculpted minis.  The riders are better detailed, and have more crisp lines.  

Overall, they fit nicely in the collection, and I have another set on the table to paint up for the  Swedish/Protestant side. 

Warlord Resin vs. the Boxed Set Epic Cuirassiers

Warlord Resin vs Essex 15mm lead

 Speaking of which, I also managed to knock together another Peter Pig stand of Swedish Cuirassiers to add to the collection as well. 

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  1. They look very nice; you are making excellent progress on this project, Jake!

  2. Super work on them, the new resin models look very nice and give some good variety.

    1. Thanks,the variety is nice from the painting perspective but disappears at the table level with the game scale.

  3. They look very nice and a good scale match for the Peter Pig figures


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