TYW - Commanded Shotte

Single Base concept for Commanded Shotte unit

Behold my solution for Commanded Shotte units and all the excess figures from my Single Base unit conversions!  I wanted to maintain the overall mass of figures for this project to keep the 'epic' feel with the smaller units.  Thus I decided to make the core of each unit a pair of Shotte strips (whole and not halved) surrounded with the existing Commanded Shotte models with Peter Pig metal models sprinkled in as well.  These are mounted on the 3"x2" 2mm MDF bases I picked up from Amazon for less than $0.10 each.  

German and Swedish unit, I just noticed the man down as I type this...

Not much else to add.  I have three units done so far, with another five at various states of completion.  Once these are done, I will move onto the Imperial Units for their conversion.  My hope was to have the entire project done by this point, but life has a way of always getting a vote.  Still, I should be able to move to the Imperials by June..if I am lucky. 

Overhead view

 Thanks for looking!


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