TYW - Imperial Infantry almost done.

Just passed another milestone with all of the Imperial Cavalry and Infantry finally reorganized into single unit bases.  This also required me to paint a few extra pike sections in order to fully utilize some of the orphaned strips from the scaled down units. I opted to convert the remnants of the Protestant force to create two more German regiments for the Imperial Side:

I also wanted to expand the number of tercios with my first "purpose built" and painted Spanish unit.  I did this group with a focus on more earth tones for the clothing and hats.  I also tried to pack them in a little tighter to keep all of the pikes within the borders of the base.  I might need to experiment with some musketeers or swordsmen out front to use the empty space it generated.   

Getting close to finalizing this collection, the only major hurdle is getting the Imperial command stands completed.  Then, onto the rules!  

Thanks for looking. 


  1. Looking great; I'd go for Musketeers or swordsmen in front (probably the Musketeers would be more accurate, but swordsmen are cooler!). Rules will certainly be an interesting question.

  2. Super stuff! Nice place to be, nearing completion but rules are always an interesting conundrum.


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