Black hussars

Following up from the White Hussars, I have the Black Hussars (Prussian Hussar Rgt Nr 5) These were done with the same "Hussar in Mirleton" sculpts as the other group.  I tried to stick with picking out the most vibrant colors as the red edging  and white lacing are the only colors that will 'pop' for this unit. 
The other detail I have added is with the horses.  All of the Old Glory cavalry packs have the same collections of horse models.  These are mostly stationary castings with a few dynamic poses thrown in.  I have sorted out all of my bags to get enough chargers for these regiments.  That means that the other regiments will have to be standing.  Not sure yet if it is worth the effort. 


  1. A beautiful paintjob for a falous unit!

  2. Very nice unit of hussars - the mirliton is such an iconic headgear.

    1. Agreed, it also helps the Prussians stand out from the Austrian Hussars on the table.

  3. They look very fine, Jake, and I for one think that combining the charging horses for this flamboyant unit was well worth the effort!


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