10mm Austrian Upgrades and Reinforcements

Slow to update, but painting continues apace!

First up is another unit of Austrian Dragoons, this time the Kolowrat-Krakowski Dragoons.  I am slowly building up my Austrian Cavalry contingent which unfortunately means I am a long way from having a field-ready force.  The Austrians appear to have fielded approximately every Curassier and Hussar  in existence in most of their battles.  These are more old glory figures, but this time finished with Windsor and Newton Professional Matt Varnish graciously provided by Jon.   It is the single best matt spray I have used as it kills every last but of sheen on the models.  I am now converted, and plan to hit some of my old collection with the stuff as well.
No sparkle

In addition to the cavalry I made some headway in building my 40 man units up to 60 figures.  (Basically adding the 3rd rank.)  I really prefer the heft and mass they provide for this scale.  Although I am fielding them as regiments, they look good for battalions as well.  I need to swap the flags on one unit and replace a broken flag pole on another, but they are table ready for now. 

I also took the opportunity to fix IR# 43 Platz.  The unit's light orange facings came out far too yellow, so I opted to upgrade them with a more distinct orange shade. 


 Finally a new unit added to the mix IR#12 Botta.  The joy of painting Austrians at this scale is that the regiments are fairly interchangeable.  When in doubt paint either red or blue  cuffs and lapel leaving everything else white. I think that accounts for about 50% of the German Infantry regiments in the later half of the war.   

On the 18mm front, the last Zorndorf update will have to wait as I have delivered the force to Jon's to allow him to set up the table for our refight at the end of the month. 


  1. I really, really like the look of your three rank infantry in 10mm. Maybe "I" should consider building Russians in 10 to complement your Austro-Prussians? What am I saying? You are churning out figures at a rapid pace.

    Glad to see that WN Matt is working for you. Great stuff in my opinion.

    1. I considered adding Russians in the long term, thankfully Old Glory only do Austrian and Prussian models. Pendraken has a much larger range, but I really prefer the look I am getting with the OG strips. Of course we could go West and try France?

  2. A Marburlian project in 10mm would be fun too.

  3. These look fantastic! Have been using W & N Matt varnish for a while and whilst I brush on I can agree that the results are totally flat everytime.

    Cheers, Ross

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I will try the brush on version the fall when the weather turns and spray on turns questionable.

  4. These units look super, Jake!
    7 YW French flags would look especially striking in 10 mm, I think...

    1. That will take some time. I have to work my way through another few thousand Austrians and Prussians first...

      The flags are cribbed from Kronoskaf. I think I still prefer the look of the handpainted impressionist ones I did for the Prussians, but these will do for now.


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