Lord willing and the water don't rise II

Last month I found out what happens when my yard floods.  Last Friday showed me what happens when it really floods.

What it should look like

We picked up about 6" of snow on Wednesday Night, and we had flood warnings throughout the day on Thursday.  Friday turned out to be much warmer (54F)  with clear blue skies.  The results was actually rather impressive

My driveway is under there

No picnic today

I had a yard...


By Friday evening the waters pulled back, and other than the loss of a chunk of driveway thanks are back to normal-ish.

Pretty as a picture

I even used the surge in high-water to fix my footbridge

No much for the miniatures hobby, but I decided to capture this for posterity and also explain the lack of new content.  I am hoping the influx of flood waters from the mountain will act to fertilize my yard like a Nile flood for the summer.  Perhaps the motivation I need to start that 28mm Egyptian army....


  1. WOW! If this is not a sign from the Gods to begin a Biblical project, I do not know what would be. Locusts perhaps?

    Glad to see the house and farmstead did not wash away.

    1. Yes, although the waters are back in force this evening. The foot bridge is out again, and I am going to need at least another yard of gravel

  2. Ugh! Flooding looks all too impressive.
    Go down, Moses... indeed!

    1. I have now had two more floods since posting this. It is really getting quite old at this point.


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