Lord willin' and the water don't rise

So, I woke up Thursday morning to find my bridge had been lifted off its moorings and the safety line I tied to it last fall was the only thing keeping it from heading to the neighbor's.

The creek that runs through my front yard usually is only about 6-18" deep for most of the year.  My little foot bridge has about 4' of clearance, except during the melt-off.  Normally this is not an issue as I have it anchored with some re-bar and put 50lb of weight on one side to keep it in place.  (Perhaps you can see where this is going....

As I pulled away from the house, the river looked at about the same height it crested last year.  Then it rained,..  hard....

I took these photos at sunset, and the creek had not yet crested.  (That would happen 2 hours later, and 6" later)

Thanks were a little better Friday morning.

Not model related, but I had the odd opportunity to see my yard become a lake.  I thought I would share.


  1. High water is a concerning sight. Was you house ever in jeopardy?
    Did you see the story about the guy whose truck disappeared into a wash out in Adams County? He escaped unharmed but his truck fell fifteen feet into the crevice which cut the highway.

    1. It stayed away from the house, but overtopped a section of the driveway. I lost about a 2'x 15' section of yard to erosion. I am going to need to figure out a stabilization plan as it is getting closer to some trees.

  2. Having a crek on your property is pretty cool most of the year - except during heavy rains!

    1. It just likes to remind me it's there every few years. Putting the bridge back will be the biggest issue. It is not exactly light.


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