Korean Swordsmen

As a counterpoint to carrying two swords, most Korean swordsmen preferred a little defense with their offense. 

 I admit to being rather reticent to tackle these guys as the colorful shields are easy to make too campy.  I tried to stick with reference colors from images available on-line from various Korean museums, however these still came out too vibrant.  I need to find a way to tone them down with light pastels to get the right finish.  The dark wash and satin varnish helped somewhat, but I still not happy with the results.  

These swordsmen were significantly more abundant than their two-bladed counterparts, so I plan on doing two units of 12 rather than groups of 6.  That gives me 18 more tries to get the shields right!

I found some pictures on-line to show what the real thing should look like (at least according to the Korean war museum)


  1. Wow! The colors on the warriors and especially shields really pop! Even before clicking on the thumbnail to bring me to this post, I knew something interesting would be seen. Not knowing what the historical shields may have looked like, no disappointment with the vibrant colors here.

    Great job!

    1. Thanks. I found some pics to give an idea of what I am going for.

  2. Amazing shields and wonderful job!

  3. I think the shields look great, and not much different from the museum examples in color intensity!


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