Shields get in the way of having more swords!

I still paint miniatures!  A few more Korean heavy infantry across the painting desk this month.  This time I opted to do some duel-swordsmen.  This is another unique unit for the time period and some interesting miniatures.
I opted to go with a unit of six as I envision them acting as shock troops for Lion Rampant with a small hard hitting unit.  For Impetus I imagine them either mixed in with the Sword and Shield types in a FL unit, or perhaps as a (S) unit like the Swiss Halberdiers or Landsknecht Zweihanders than lead the pike blocks.  

The Perry sculpts are very dynamic and actually easier to paint than the spear or shield equiped figures simply by the nature of the 1-piece casting.

Perry also does duel-sword armed cavalry, so I plan on doing a 6-figure unit of them in the near future as well.  The are also 1-piece castings which is a first from what I have picked up from the Perry line so far.


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