Mt Apsan

Capstoning all these Imjin war miniatures, I have my last travel log from my trip to Korea last march.  Just south of Daegu is Mount Apsan, at the base of the mountain is the Nakdong River battle museum I posted about several month's ago.  The mountain itself, however, is criss crossed with hiking trails offering some awe inspiring views.  I made three climbs of the area in as many days, but the most memorable was the first thanks to my companion for the climb....
I will call him....taco
He emerged out of the woods about 10 minutes into the climb, and would not stop barking at me.  I decided he needed a good ear scratch, and we became best of friends.  At the top of the mountain I was able to find a park employee who took custody of him to make sure he found his way home.

View of th climb from the Museum

View of the eastern peak from the western one.

Looking back ont he summit trail.

One of the many Buddhist shrines om the mountain 

Korean War era observation point

View of the summit from a helipad on the trail. 

Another observation point
The mountain top itself is a mishmash of military fortification stretching back centuries. There is evidence to the old fortifications people built when they sheltered from invaders, korean war era construction, and even a modern ROK Army facility.  Given the commanding view of the countryside, and the brutally steep slopes, it is not hard to understand why.

Some random shots of/from the trail

Near the summit is a tram station for those seeking the easy way down (or up), with an attached restaurant. The food is outstanding, and the drinks refreshing....

There is also a plexiglas observation point that provides some breathtaking views of the city.  It has a an illuminated arch, that can be seen for miles at night.

Random guy who wanted a picture with me at the summit. 
Some more views near the base of the ridge....
Buddhist temple near the museum.

While exploring the trail to something called "Cave where a king hid." I stumbled on this stone monolith:

There was no marker or sign, it is a fairly impressive construction though....

Behind it, I found a nearly vertical trail to ascend up the mountain side.  (I classify any trail I can touch with my arms without bending down as nearly vertical.)

At the top you find the cave along with a small shrine where people were leaving prayers for pets it would appear.  There is no indicator which king hid here, or what he was hiding from however.
The cave where a king hid.  
I ended my explorations on day one with some Bulgogi and Soju at the summit restaurant.  Highly recommended.
Victory Dinner


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    1. This concludes Korea. Although, I now have several photos from Manassass and the Air and Space annex to post from the most recent trip.

    2. I look forward to your Manassas walk! As you may remember, I was there several years ago. I would enjoy another trip back to the 1862 battlefields. Nancy had a relative killed on Chinn Ridge on AUG 30th during the battles of that connection added even more interest.

  2. Great stuff! Quite a view from the top!

    1. The most astounding piece to me is that every flat piece of terrain in the country is either covered in metropolitan sprawl or farms.


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