Nakdong River Battle Museum -Reloaded

Nakdong Museum

I am finally home from my TDY trip to Korea, so I can now access blogger with something other than my tablet.  Being able to see it in English is also a nice touch.  
One of the many peaks I would need to climb.
I had a few opportunities for free time during my visit, so I decided to use them to explore the military history of Korea.  I took a half day to explore the area around the city of Daegu.  I am not one who enjoys Urban terrain, so I opted to check out Apsan park.  The park is at the base of Mt. Apsan and includes miles of trails run up and down the peaks.  There are the remains of an old Mountain Fort on the ridgeline and some other historical artifacts.

A view from the mountain top to the growing hive of humanity below.  

At the base of the mountain I discovered the Nakdong River Battle Museum.  Daegu was near the Northwest edge of the Busan (Pusan) perimeter, and you can see the Nakdong river from the mountaintop.

The entrance to the museum contains a large mural commemorating the work of Korean and United Nations forces and a small vehicle park.

 All the armored vehicles on display are painted in the ROKA standard camouflage which appears similar the old MERDC summer pattern.  The vehicles included an ASV


and M110 (8in Howitzer)

Also on display were a ROKAF F86 and O-1 Bird dog.  There was also a statue commemorating the high school and college students who volunteered to fight against the onslaught from the North.
A gentle reminder the next time my students complain about homework.

Inside the museum you are met by what I assume is "Uncle Kim" (not that Kim, roughly 20% of Koreans share the name.  It's the "John Williams" of the Korean Peninsula.)
I have no idea what this says.
Upstairs there are several displays about the fighting in the area as well as a history of South Korea in the Cold War.  This includes some captured heavy weapons and other uniform memorabilia 

There is also a rather poignant memorial to the fallen that includes dogtags and pictures.

There was also a set of displays of graphic drawings depicting North Korean human rights atrocities as a reminder for why South Korea needs to remain resolute.  I departed the museum and started my climb.  This would be the only "modern" piece of military history I would seek out on this trip.


  1. Very interesting. Enjoy your visits and thanks for the great pics!!

  2. Thanks,_ I have some pictures of Jinju fortress I need to sort through next.

  3. Great photos! Looking forward to more and a few stories of your two week stay in Korea.

    1. I am still organizing all the photos. I took day trips down to Jinju Fortress and Suwon in the North.


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