Restoring the dwarven hordes

Bear cavalry..because BEAR CAVALRY!

As I alluded to last month I decided to rebase my 15mm Fantasy stuff to mirror my 15mm Samurai and started off with the Dwarf army.  They are all now on more Command and Colors/Impetus friendly 10cm bases in unit stands.

For the cavalry I went with Heavy Cavalry for the bears, Medium for the Rams and light skirmish stands for the Ponies.
Every formation also gets a separate general.

For the infantry, I use my Impetus Imperial Germans for inspiration.  The slayers are based on skirmish bases to advance in front of the infantry blocks like my Zweihanders.

The infantry were base three ranks deep with a bead for mounting unit identifiers or data on the back.  I tried to keep the like companies together to reduce the impact of the incongruity of figure sizes at this scale.
Iron Breaker regiments

Stalwart Dwarf Infantry

Some more exuberant ax men

My newly completed Reaper Dwarf figures.  

Reaper and Black Raven spearmen

For the missile troops, I changed them around to create some (s) and (t) units for Impetus.

Reaper Crossbows

Black Raven Archers

Black Raven Archers in skirmish line.
Finally all of the command figures were rebased on paired stands to act as element commanders

Not all re-hashed figures, I actually painted one of my leftover figs.  More bear!

Here is a final group photo.  Note I still have some leftovers including the teeny little Peter Pig dwarfs that look more like halflings.  

It is also worth noting that I opted to sell both the 15mm Orcs and Elves this month, so I am leaning towards purging these guys as well.  At the end of the day, I need to commit to no more than 2 scales per era..

also, there are Ballistae....


  1. Hey Ho! You are full of surprises! I bet your son has his eye on this army and wants to get them into a battle.

    1. Perhaps. It's all about Greek mythology right now.

  2. Love the dwarf bear cavalry especially.

    Kinda like watching "Chopped", though, waiting for the host to lift the cover off as he intones

    "And now.... which army is ON the chopping block?!"

    Of course with a bunch of dwarves, there could be a LOT of chopping going on!


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