Clearing the slate

I think I have too much paint...

Finals week is now complete, so it is time to dig out of the bunker and see what's to be done.  I spent a day reorganizing the The Den, and gaining a better view for the scope of the "Paint or Die Challenge."

I concentrated the unpainted Lead into four shelves and sorted out the loose pieces.  At the same time, I pulled out some project trays to organize the current emphasis items.  The black shelving unit to the left of the painting desk has the Que for the next few months laid out as well.

I put the cover back on the table following several trial games of Chain of Command, as well as a comparison game with Battleground WWII.  At some point I should probably write a synopsis.  Suffice to say, that the outcomes were similar, however the granularity of BG appeals to me slightly more, and my son prefers the simplicity of CoC.  Both give satisfying games.

I managed to complete another languishing project, by painting all of the remaining 15mm dwarfs I picked up for the Halloween game back in 2012.  I want to purge this project, however The Boy still seems partial to it, so I am playing around with ideas with basing right now.  (somewhat Ironic as this army was the genesis of my original Basing Blues rant.)

So there are 35 more Reaper Dwarf warriors done, but still awaiting their bases.  I already have skirmishers done in 28mm and Warmaster/Mass battles done in 6mm.  I am determined then to base them in the Impetus fashion mirroring my 15mm Samurai collection.  I basically use 10cm frontages rather than 8cm for 15mm as recommended by the Impetus rule-book.  These bases fit better on my 3" hex mat for Samurai battles, and I was thinking of introducing Mason to Battlelore which uses similar mechanics to Samurai Battles and Command and Colors.  Rebasing also allows me to use up some of the piles of bases I discovered during my sorting and clean up.  Now to strip all the existing minis from their bases, reorganize and base them up.  Nothing like creating more work for yourself in the midst of a large project.
I also finished this 15mm Giant Eagle, because any Tolkien inspired game requires Deux Ex Aquila.  
I also took the opportunity to complete some of the remaining Orc and Goblin army figures, these are Reaper Trolls... I think.  I based them up prior to getting to the Dwarf minis, so they will be getting the same treatment next.  The most challenging group will be the 15mm Undead minis.  I may give up and sell them off before that happens.  I hope.


  1. An occasional clearing the decks is useful therapy.
    I need to follow your lead!

  2. A wise exercise in prioritizing!
    Jon , is that Jake's Lead (Pb) or lead you want to follow? :-)

  3. For my 2016 painting goals I cleared out and sold my infinity miniatures. I took a hit money wise but it felt so good to go back to my 6mm roots.
    To celebrate is started painting my 6mm vikings and ordered a 6mm baccus christian nubian dba army.
    Clearing out stuff is good therapy and reinforces the need to finish older models.


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