Rehabilitating the Past: Necromunda Edition

The Boy(tm) and I have been playing a fair bit of Necromunda of late, so I decided to update and 'rehabilitate' my few remaining figures.  First up is a custom Adeptes Arbites (Space Cops for those of you lucky enough to avoid a GW addiction at any point in your wargaming career. Or better yet "Totally Not Judge Dredd" -GW edition) gang I cooked up.  I used the few available models available and my hobby knife and some putty to knock out my own group around 1995-97 -ish.

My list was significantly different from the late 'enforcer' list that GW would come up.  The concept was fairly simple:  These guys represent 'Judges in training' sent to the underhive to get seasoned before going out on the galactic stage.  They basically worked like Van Saar with two exceptions:

  • You have the option to start with Armor: Judges can purchase Mesh or Carapace armor, trainees can purchase flak or mesh.  
  • No heavy weapons, special weapons only.

The basic models were a leader and the same cast of 'trooper' with a bolt gun, shotgun, or grenade launcher.

I can see no disadvantages to a law enforcement officer wearing that helmet in the field.

To fill out the group I did some simple conversions using new heads, weapons, etc.

I believe that is an old Wood Elf head.  Along with some green stuff to provide the stereotypical 'bust armor' so prevalent in Sci-Fi/Fantasy.  I moved her badge to her leg, because it looked weird on the new chest.  (it was the 90's, I was young....) 

This is the head from an old IG Rough Rider, and a poorly kitbashed plasma gun.

I preserved the old heads to use as slung helmets on their belts.  The Plasma Gunner also got a power pack with cables to charge his weapon.  (Helps with those failed ammo rolls)
Modified a bolt gun with some spare parts to make a futuristic automatic shotgun.  Shotgun with 1 sustained fire dice.

This Grenade Launcher model was modified to create a flamer.
Tubes and backpack to help with those Ammo Rolls.

I also used some off-brand future-cop models to fill the role of 'Juves' in this group.

No idea of the source.  The one on the left had a number of brass rod pieces scattered on her base to represent spent brass I think.

Finally I added some personality to the leader as the gang grew and he got some better equipment

Powermaul (part of a Man O War plastic mast) and a Plasma Gun

Original Sculpt on the left
A nice walk down memory lane, now I need to find the rules mods I used with them.  I remember working very hard to keep them balanced within the game framework at least.


  1. Some of my favourite Necro minis. Good to see them getting some love!

    1. Thanks, these guys and the Ratskins were my favorite groups, thus why they were retained I suppose.


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