Flashback: Necromunda

My leader gets the drop on his Sniper

The Boy and I decided to try some science fiction gaming on Saturday, and he asked to do something other than space ships.  Digging through the boxed games, I came across my Necromunda box, and figured he was old enough to give it a go.  

Necromunda is by far my favorite game that GW ever released.  The campaign system and the small skirmish rules paired to make an addictive and satisfying combination.  Our Merlyn's (or maybe it was Gorilla Bobs?) league ran for months, with lots of gangs represented.  Sadly, I sold off most of my figures long ago, and a quick search turned up my only two surviving gangs:  Arbites and Ratskins.  

One of his gangers trying to resist arrest.
 Mason declared the Arbites "Robot Cops" and chose to take them on with Ratskin gang.  I had to reference the rules repeatedly as I found the rules had combined with my favorite historical skirmish set Battleground WWII in my brain, and I kept getting them confused.
The tower would be a rough place to try and spend time throughout the game.
 We played several games using the old boxed set terrain, which Mason winning more than he lost.
The flamer gets his moment
 My prodigious use of flamers and sustained fire weapons, however, helped to teach him not to bunch up his guys however.
Bwahh hah hah hah!  
Overall, a fun trip down memory lane, and I have decided to at least rehabilitate the models I do have, rather then just let them chip and fall away.  That, and I noticed that I never actually go around to finishing my Ratskins.....