Landsknecht revisited

Yes, more 28mm figs.  Let's call it "28 days of 28mm" in recognition of February.  My Landsknecht project has really taken on a life of its own.  What started as a lark to round out my old WHFB Empire army is turning into a exploration of the armies of  Maximilian and Charles V.

I am sticking with the theme of my refurbished Middenland army for the first batch of units.  This stand is meant to round out the large pike unit I painted last December.
The concept is to use this as a triple stand Large Unit for Impetus (Charles V list from the Rulebook)  When I lose a stand I pull the back rank, when I lose a second stand I swap it out for the large stand.

I assume a single flag swap will make these guys acceptable for historical play, otherwise they may end up part of an Imagi-nation campaign if I get the motivation.  Until then, I will just enjoy painting these guys.


  1. Nice pikemen! Middenland colors look great on them. Another reinforcement as to why I ventured into WHFB with an Empire army - the plausibility of using them as historicals too. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks all. The next challenge is learning how to move the units without being repeatedly impaled.

    1. Avoiding being a pin (pike) cushion is no simple task. Pike and shotte is a thin man's game.

      My ECW pikes are much less lengthy than your behemoths. Mine are cropped to about 80mm so I can store them in a container. How on earth are you storing your 'pikey' guys?

    2. I built my display cabinets with 4.5" gaps between shelves. Now I have learned that the Pike "at ready" guys need an extra .25" Time to modify the plans for the last display case....

  3. They look great!

    Now you know why the pikemen tended to cut a few feet off the ends of their pikes historically as well - to fit into their storage boxes! :-)


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