Hill Tiles for Command and Colors: Ancients

I finished my first set of 'desert' hill tiles for my 6mm Command and Colors: Ancients Board.  These were very similar to how I generated my Green Tiles for Samurai Battle.  I've done similar hills on 4 inch tiles using a mix of GHQ Terrain Maker hexes and Gamecraft 4in Hex Tiles.  For these I used an approach similar to
Jon's technique over at the Palouse Wargaming Page.  These are 2" hex tiles with a 1.5" wooden disk glued to the center.  (US residents can pick them up at Michael's in packs of 20 for about $3)  I used drywall spackle to soften the lines and provide texture.  Over that I used a mix of Dark brown acrylic paint and coarse matte coating (also from Michael's) to give a rocky texture.  They then received a heavy drybrush using Desert sand and Sunny Yellow paint mixtures.  The tufts are small tufts I recently picked up from Tajima Miniatures in the UK.  These are great for projects like this as they are self adhesive and thus easy to apply.  (My son really liked that part as I told him to peel and stick them wherever he wanted to.)  

Mason and I recently tried using the Samurai Battles set with the battle board from Battles of Westeros for a War of the Roses battle using Command and Colors for kids.

It was a great time, and now reminds me that I am three battle reports behind.  I really need to get better at those....


  1. Very nice - I was wondering about elevated terrain for these rules. You've certainly made the case. Best, Dean

  2. Very attractive, functional, and inexpensive - a triple hit!


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