Fantasy Battles in 6mm!

The boy wandered in while I was snapping pics of my 28mm Spanish figures, and decided we should take some other pictures as well.  Above you can see where he staged an epic standoff between the Dwarves and the Elves.  The result was a call to the battlefield shown below.  We played using Command and Colors ancients with the following adjustments:

Removed all the "text" cards minus "Darken the Skies"
All infantry move and fight 1 hex or move 2 hexes.
Cavalry move and fight three hexes.  They throw 3 dice, 4 on the charge
Bows/Handguns fire 4 hexes with 2 dice or move 1 hex and fire 1. (Only swords and flags count)
Cannon fire three dice at 6 hexes (Swords, squares and flags count)
You roll the number of dice as you have rows on the stand.  We only use Squares and Swords as hits (Helmets if commander attached)

Initial Set-up, the Elves are defending their fords.

The Dwarf commander advances across a broad front.

The Elf Cavalry launches a vicious counter-attack, it is invariably destroyed.

The center cannot hold

Cannon fire punishes the elves lurking in the woods.

His central force spend, the Elf general commits his reserves

Chaos reigns in the dwarf center

With all of his infantry either eliminated, or spent, the Elf commander elects to with draw.


  1. Very cool playing little dartfrog. Nice looking minis and table. My son just announced that he remembered really enjoying Memoir from 4- 5 years ago.

    I now have ancients, maybe we'll try it first.

  2. The table looks great, and good to see your son at it again!

  3. Great looking game, always brill to see you getting some gaming in with your son


  4. Game table is outstanding! Refreshing to see father and son bonding over dad's hobby. You are undoubtedly the coolest dad in his school. Good show!

  5. Greatlooking game and beatiful battlefield!


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