TYW -Sprucing Up my Swedish Infantry

Swedish Black regiment
I picked up a second "Push of Pike" boxed set on a fairly steep discount that I plan to use for experimentation moving forward.  I am still trying to get the right look for my Pike and Shotte units, as they seem rather sterile so far.  I opted to use some of the separate musketeers from the commanded shotte units to put some skirmishers out in front of an advancing regiment.  I grouped the marching shotte stands from two sprues together with another standing pike to build out this new regiment.  I did the coats in charcoal black with a mix of colors for the trousers to create the 'black regiment.'  I recognize that uniforms aren't really a thing for this time period, but I want to be able to different units at a distance here.  

For the second regiments, I used the left over strips/models to do a pike block with two ranks at the ready.  I added some Peter Pig musketeers fill the empty space to the front of the shotte stands  I did these up as a second unit from the Yellow Regiment, bringing my total number of Swedish regiments to seven.  

Reinforcements for the Swedish Yellow regiment

Swedish Army on Parade

My next Infantry project is going to be to figure out how best to represent a Spanish Tercio.  Warlord's rule set just has you add a second block of pikemen to the center of the formation, but I want a better way to represent the 'heft' of the unit.  Currently I am leaning towards going with two blocks of five ranks of pike with the shotte stands backed by an additional stand of pike.  I will have to see if it looks too busy.  Does anyone know where I can find a 12mm Viggo Mortenson to crawl under the pikes with a sword and dagger?


  1. Really impressive work, Jake. I should not be amazed at how quickly you fielded these armies but I am.
    Steve (https://soundofficerscall.blogspot.com/2023/11/warlord-epic-ecw-minis-for-tillys-very.html) halved the size of the Epic foote regiments and I think they look good too.

    1. Interesting idea. I may have to give it a try, although I am tempted to increase the depth with the other halves rather than increase the total number of units.

    2. Picked up a couple of copies of "Wargames Illustrated" to get the free Scots sprue. It looks promising so far.

  2. Very nicely done ……great minds think alike I was planning on starting to ‘ break up’ the look of a few of the next regiments. I will test out some of your ideas👍

  3. Lovely looking pike and shot units!
    Best Iain


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