Another roll-up of models painted over the quarantine. Part of my post-apocalyptic skirmish project are a collection of Survivors from Fallout: Wasteland Warriors.  

First up of course is Nate and Nora, the default characters from Fallout 4.  I painted them with the same basic layout and color scheme, and I they make great leader models for small skirmish groups.  Of course, each model comes with a custom sculpt of Dogmeat, the greatest Canine to survive the end times:


A selection of vault-dweller like models from Brother Vinni that I post last November

Some X-01 power armor for Nate and Nora.  The heads are magnetized to allow for representing the right character when they pull the upgrade, or just the general helmet for anonymity.

And of course a set of minute-men to help another settlement when it is in danger. 

A repost of the original three survivors from the basic set of the game. 

And lastly a group photo of the Dogmeat varients.

Not much of an update this time, but looking back at it reveals an evolutionary model for my approach to weathering.  Especially on the bases.  I have a few more of these groups finished up for update.  Perhaps that will buy enough time to finish off the Samurai and Gendarmes that are awaiting completion. 


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