Warbanner bearer

Another solitary figure update!  This time it is a Jomviking Warbanner Bearer from Gripping Beast.  This is a fairly nice figure that includes the standard, spear, axe and scabbard in the package.  The model itself is sculpted standing on a severed head which seems rather par for the course from Gripping Beast and Footsore.  I opted to simply putty over the head, so he can be planting his foot on a stone instead.  The detail on the cloth and hair is quite nice, so painting him was a rather easy affair.  I just tried to stay inside the lines, and use interesting colors. The personality of the sculpt seemed to take care of the rest.

You'd think I would be out of steam on the project by now... You'd be wrong though, as I still have to get some archers and a pile of personality figures from Warlord completed as well...  More to come!


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