Norman Crossbow

Some more Footsore miniatures completed.  This time two units of Norman Corssbowmen painted to join my Spanish Reconquista army.  It has been almost five years to the day  since I added to this army, so it seems like a long time coming.  The two units include one of armored crossbowmen:

and another unarmored group.

Unlike all the other units, these are individually based and socketed into a Sabot base rather than the Impetus unit bases.  I tend to do more skirmish gaming with my son, so it seems a more sensible approach.  One more figure to add to this collection, then it is back to dormancy for a awhile I suppose...


  1. Nice additions to a long forgotten project! By coincidence (or maybe guilt), I have units of crossbow men editing for photos. One Spanish and one Arab.

    1. No Arabs right now, but El Cid is still a work in progress.


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