Finishing off the shield maidens.

Back to the vikings!  Four more Footsore shield maidens join the collection to bring the unit up to full strength.  There are only four sculpts available from Footsore, but I was able to play with the colors and shields a little bit to at least give the illusion of variety. I am of two minds on how to field them.  I know some units keep them as a group of shield maidens, but perhaps it would be more 'historical' to simply mix them in with my normal Bondi and Hirdmen units.  Most of the reading I have seen of late seems to indicate women warriors were simply integrated into the shield wall for the battles.


  1. Nice work....I have been watching a very good BBC documentary on Anglo Saxons so I am getting the urge to paint some more dark age figures👍

    1. Similar issue here. I was stuck in a hotel for a couple weeks, and found myself watching back episodes of "The Last Kingdom" and "Vikings." The results can be seen here with all these Viking units added to the collection.


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