Despite my lack of digital presence of late, I have managed to clear a sizable number of 28mm figures from the backlog this month.  First up, then is "Benkei" This is Footsore's rendition of the famous Sohei (warrior monk) from 12c Japan. 

This is a nicely detailed model with a dynamic pose.  I enjoy collecting Sohei models especially, so he was a natural addition to the collection.  This model lacks six of the seven additional weapons normally attributed to Benkei in folktales, but works well as a personality model for the collection.  I went with my usual Yellow/White/Black motif for the paint scheme, so he will fit in well with the rest of the collection.  I still have a few more Sohei models to finish, then it should be time for a 'parade' as it were.

Lots of minis actually getting the finishing coats right now, so perhaps I will February strong.


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