Third quarter update and preparing for the final stretch

Been sitting on this one for about 30 years?

Unlike previous years, I have not done any quarterly updates this year.  There are a mere three months left to put stuff into the ledger, so perhaps an update might provide the necessary motivation.  

Reflecting on my overall goals: 

Seems rather peaceful doesn't it?

This years initiative was:  The past must pay for the future!  i.e. I can only purchase 50 'points' worth of new models for every 100 points of back logged models I manage to paint.  How has that been fairing?

Not too bad overall.  2019 acquisitions account for only 24% of total output, but more importantly, I have very little backlog.  I have been painting the new models as they come in, which leaves only about 250 points worth still outstanding.  This was primarily driven by my forays into Fantasy Skirmish gaming with my son over the summer as well as rounding out a few old collections. (and tackling some scifi projects from the 90's)

Scale-wise I anticipated 28mm taking the lead with 10mm close behind.

28mm is dominating, though 6mm made an unexpected return to the fore with the new Commands and Colours: Medieval driving some minis out of the lead pile.  There are a lot of 28mm figures on the table right now, so this promises to get even more lop-sided however. 

Going project by project, some gains can be reported

10mm Seven Years War Project - I appear to have sputtered out just shy of the finish line.  A mere four regiments of light infantry need to be completed.  I need only actually do it.  

10mm American Civil War - Two units added to the mix, but a large swath of Cavalry need attention.

28mm Koreans - Done!  It only took 3 years!

28mm Samurai - I am so close on this one, I should really feel more motivated.  All of the backlog of Perry minis are complete save the Takeda Shingen set.  I have picked up a few more Footsore minis, but I need to finish the last Daimyo to justify doing a group shot. 

28mm Cold War - All but three minis done here,  I still want to get that BMP.

28mm Kushite Egyptians. - Another faltering project.  I have three partially completed chariots and an empty motivation tank.  

28mm Italian Wars - One new block done as well as some mounted crossbows.  I really need to tackle the last of the artillery. 

Other stuff:   A lot of stuff has come up here this year.  In addition to a pile of terrain and monster models for Rangers of Shadowdeep/Frostgrave/Ghost Archipelago I managed to paint two armies for Runewars.  A brief foray into Battletech has also resulted in some more mechs getting painted. 
I dug these out after 9 years in storage.
I also have some early Native Americans and Vikings from Footsore miniatures I am currently working. on.  Overall, 2019 has been more about filling out old projects than starting new ones.   

so what is left for this quarter?

I have 65 'units' on the lead pile still looking for attention (and 185 in the book for 2019).  I will be happy to finish off at least 30 of them:

3 units of 10mm ACW Cavalry
2 units of 10mm SYW Grenz
2 units of 10mm SYW Prussian Jaegers
1 15mm Samurai Command stand
1 unit of 15mm Japanese Peasants
4 stands of 28mm Kushite Chariots
4 stands of Kushite Javelin
3 28mm  Renaissance Artillery pieces w/ crew
1 unit of 12 28mm SAW Infantry
2 SAW US generals
16 28mm Viking Infantry
2 28mm US Airborne LMG teams
1 x 28mm Takeda Shingen set
2 units of Skraelings

It seems easy enough.  Now I just have to do it...


  1. Your 2019 looks quite productive to me. Your final painting tally will dwarf my output. Would scheduling another Assyrian vs Egyptian battle re-energize the project?

    1. Perhaps. Though it looks like Samurai Battles might need to come out first.

  2. That's a lot of painting left to finish in 3 months! Good luck!

    1. It doesn't seem so bad now. I am sure by November it might be more daunting

  3. Nicely painted figure - you've reminded me of an ebay purchase of a Master Engineer on Mechanical horse I need to someday get to. I may also have to take your lead and plan out my hobby near term goals.

    1. Thanks Dean, I look forward to seeing your Master Engineer. I found that cataloging the lead pile and doing these kinds of plans helps prevent me from adding more to the pile than I take away.


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