Rough Riders

I have painted two Teddy models in one month after having both for two decades...

As promised: more 20+ year old figures finally seeing completion!  I think Jon and I last go our forces on the same table for this period in 2002.  I initially knocked out some landing parties, infantry and artillery and then kind of petered out.  (In my defense I spent 2004-5 on an involuntary Southwest Asian vacation and was a bit distracted from the hobby.)

I bought a bottle of Contrast "Ultramarine Blue" a few weeks ago to see how well it work for Union uniform coats and this kinda happened:

14 more Rough riders in skirmish order brings the total up to 36.  (Finally completing the bag I bought so many years ago.)

I also finally finished off the Gen Wheeler figure.  He was one of my favorite characters in the TBS Rough Rider's movie for this one exchange:

Wheeler: "We got the Yankee's on the run boys!"

Aide: "Sir, those are Spanish Regulars and they are withdrawing in good order"

Wheeler:  "Don't ruin it boy!"

After completing the two command models I also noted that they do make for an interesting vignette :

"Sir, I respectfully disagree"


  1. I said "Charge up San Juan Hill, sirrah, and charge you shall!"
    "Only if you accompany us, General!"

  2. Has it really been that long ago? Time flies! Good looking additions. Great quote from “Rough Riders.” One of my favorites.

    1. Indeed, it doesn't seem so long past, but I remember using Shipbase on a WIN98 platform to play the US/Spanish naval battle.

    2. I remember this Shipbase games too.


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