Rangers of Shadowdeep - End of Month Additions

Some more scatter terrain and figures to add to the skirmish set.  First up this pyre from the Mantic battlefield terrain set.  It comes with an extra resin bon-fire for the lit/unlit status.  Works well for scenario 3 of the tower missions.

The Spider packs come with a resin 'victim' stand.  I painted up four of them to act as clue markers for scenario 2 of the same mission.  

I also picked up a few packs of wolves.  The two grey wolves can second for the Dire wolves in the Blood Moon expansion.  (Speaking of which, I need to finish the werewolves...)

For our current band of adventurers I have my stalwart tank with his faithful hound, savage minion and mystic healer. 

Mason has his sniper backed by an Archer and Rogue.


  1. Replies
    1. When I need to summon rohan for aid?

    2. Good one; and of course Firemonkeyboy speaking of lighting fires is just so... right! :-)

    3. If you were actually asking about the scenario, the beacon is lit by the big bad if you aren't fast enough. Doing so results in additional negative consequences for you and your compatriots.


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