Big update for little Prussia

Seidlitz Command stand using the Pedraken Sculpt

Now that the Zorndorf project has cleared the slips, I have been putting a lot of energy into the 10mm SYW project for my personal collection.  The Austrians have been getting a lot of attention of late, so I decided to tackle my on-hand Prussian models.  

First up are four regiments of Prussian Infantry using the 5-man Old Glory strips.  Here again there are 60 infantry models per regiment + a mounted a Colonel.  I split up the command stand like I did with the Austrian units (2 flags in the front, two drums + officer to the back), however separating the Standard bearer and officer mini without damaging the casting is slightly more challenging than with the Austrian troops.  Thus I compromised, and left the officer and standard bearer attached, creating a little gap between the flags.  Not too unsightly, but not ideal.
IR2 Kanitz

I opted to undercoat all of the Prussians in black to provide contrast to the Austrian white.  At this scale it helps accentuate the differences where the models all tend to blend together at a distance.  For unit selection I drew inspiration from a post about East Prussian Infantry and Cavalry Regiments from Der Alte Fritz Journal, thus Infantry Regiments #2, #4, #11 and #14 join the formation.     
IR4 Rautter
IR11 Below
IR14 Lehwaldt

Group Photo
I also stated the arduous process of updating my original Pendraken Miniatures  Prussian regiments. I wanted to beef up the units with another command group and some extra models to get the same 3-rank feel.  Unfortunatly, these casting are much wider than the Old Glory ones and a good format still eludes  me. 

IR#8 Before

IR#8 After

I am still not happy with the outcome as you can see the stark difference below:

Old Glory (L) and Pendraken (R) 
I tried something similar with IR #1 Winterfeldt

In the end, I have opted to bunt for now and just added a second flag (and put the correct flags with each unit) for the  Grenadier Guards and Liebgards

Lastly I completed a howitzer battery using the Pendraken minis mold and some more Prussian Command stands. 

The commander at left is the casting for Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick-Luneburg with an Old Glory General, while the stand on the right is the model for LTG manners and  a generic Pendraken General
I convinced Mason to try a game of Honours of War with me, so I could see how they look on the table:

Nothing like seeing them spread out over the table to remind you how little of the detail really comes through.... At least I know its there!

I have some limbers still on the table as well the first Prussian Cavalry regiment, so a bit more 10mm SYW is still on the horizon. 


  1. This continues to be a great looking project. I much prefer the three rank stands over the two. Your gaming table looks terrific. Are you using a cloth laid down over your sand table to produce the subtle elevation changes?

    1. The battlefield was first built using Geohex terrain and then I laid the ground mat over the top. I like the way it locks the hills in place and gives a more natural feel to the elevation changes.

  2. Fabulous looking Prussians. I really like the uniforms of Frederick the Great's army.

    1. As do I, I think the combination of Blue and Red provides enough "pop" to make the unit look good at a distance. Subtle color combinations do not work well at this scale.

  3. Very nice. While I think the two ranks look fine, the three ranks better gives the feeling of mass that is one of the strong points of smaller scales.

    1. Thanks. I agree, and at this scale I am finding more and more how important that mass and the base color are to setting the tone for collection.

  4. Oh, those turned out really well. Nicely done!

    1. Thank you, many more to go before I am through.


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