Banal-Grenzinfanterieregiment nr. 1

A little more progress with the 10mm SYW Austrian Army.  This time I have added some light infantry to force in the form 2 battalions of Croatian Grenzers.  I opted to go with 24 figures per battalion to keep in line with the higher figure density I am shooting for with this project.  (Regular infantry are in three rows of 10 figures each per battalion)  I may dial back the density to about 18-20 figures per stand just to open things up a bit for the skirmishers.  (Basically a 7-6-7 set of rows in skirmish order)

I kept the colors simple and bold so they can stand out at this scale.  Basically red pants, blue coats, black hats. 

An entertaining diversion, now back to the 18mm Russian slog.  Only three months left!


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