Rehabilitating the Past 2.0 - Knights of the Realm

Next up are two units of Knights of the Realm.  In this case, these minis were unfinished prior to starting, so they have never actually seen the table before.  I had enough partially painted from earlier efforts or bulk trades to get at least two units out.

This group includes a couple of metal castings including a standard bearer with the standard pole clipped off.  I went ahead and replaced it with an extra plastic Bretonnian lance and he appears to fit in rather well.

For the lances, I tried to make the pennants look a little more dynamic by wrapping some of them around the lowered lances.  I chose to skip the shields with these two units as I am missing most of them, and figured the heavy armor is protection enough....

This unit includes a bunch of horses I received pre-painted with a think red-brown paint covering the comparisons.  I chose to incorporate them into the design by doing variations with that color and yellow to unify the group.  I am still not too thrilled with these as I think I at least need to incorporate some heraldry into the cloth coverings to spice them up.  Anyway, they still look better than they have in a few years...


  1. very nice and impressive knights...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. Part of the fun of painting these kind of miniatures is the ability to break out a variety of colors (or colours)

  3. Great looking sculpts despite their age, and nice job painting them. Maybe some heraldic transfers?

    1. I am planning on adding some to the horses. First I need to find some that have not seized from the passage of time


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