Light Feet in May (More 28mm Ashigaru)

Hey its May!.  I almost got these done in time for the April tally....

I am nearly complete with all of my plastic Ashigaru.   I wanted to add some to complement my Takeda (Red) skirmish contingent, so I opted for a yellow base with Red helmets.  This group includes a unit equipped with Yari(Spear) and one of Yummi (bow)

I opted for the Red helmets to help them tie in with the primarily red Ashigaru I have already done for this side.  I went with the lighter brown spears and Sashimono poles to make them a little more distinct.  The standard bearer I did for the sake of variance, and am waiting for the right decals to give him a proper flag.  I figure he is also a good way to mark the center of mass of the unit for playing Lion Rampant.

For the archers, I added one "officer" to direct their and also provide that reference point.  I have not added their quivers to their backs, as I am thinking of modelling them as 'grounded' to add some aesthetic interest.    

Finally, I painted up an AEG mounted Samurai to ask as the Daimyo for this little yellow contingent:

I really like the quality of the sculpt for this figure, as the detail took the paint very well.  The figure is a little flat however, so I am thinking he might need a Sashimono or Horo to liven him up.


  1. They all look great! I think just a touch more detailing on the Daimyo's horse might make the extra difference - a dry brush of the mane and tail with dark grey, and a white blaze and a few legs withwhite cuffs or socks.

    1. I agree, until you pointed it out, I hadn't realized how 'austere' my approach to the mount had been. Update to follow!

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    1. Thanks, I really like these AEG figs, too bad I am 15 years to late to the party.


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