El Dorado! City of Gold! Oldhammer finds

You may have picked up from my blog that I was once a GW fan.  I got into collecting their miniatures back in 1988  and collected sizable armies in many of their ranges throughout the 90s.  Most of my early forays back into historical wargaming were funded by the great purge of these collections on the earliest permutations of bartertown and ebay.  I still have fond memories of the the early castings from Citadel and Marauder when the figures were less cartoonish and more dynamics.

It was thus an overwhelming case of nostalgia the gripped me when I walked into a local gamestore that was selling off someones old collection for $.50 a figure.  At first I was just going to grab these Bretonnian infantry to fill out the Rehabilitation project....  And then I saw Thrud.  (See above)

Next I saw one of the Empire greatswords, along with a Swashbuckler.  Did I mention the old Realm of Chaos era Champions?  The Lord of Change?  A box containing two sets of Necromunda terrain for $20?
 Things just got a little out of control from there....

180+ figs later I walked out a happy man.  I have several figs I've wanted to paint again for quite some time, and enough other old ones I should be able to trade to get the other 'classic' figs I am looking for.

I had been doing rather well on getting the lead pile whittled down.....


  1. The goblin jester is a nice find! I haven't been able to find one for a reasonable price

  2. With your recent string of GW Empire posts, who would've thunk? :) I too would like to get some metal Empire Great Swords someday.

  3. Sounds like you made a good score - a nice pack of troops at a bargain price!

  4. Holy cr@p. It's the Oldhammer Mother Load! Tell me you left nothing behind at those kinds of prices....


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