Ikko Ikki

I took some time to revisit my 15mm Samurai Collection and knock out some of the Peter Pig figures I picked up about a year ago.  These are a mixture or Ikko-Ikki and Sohei figures with Naginata.

Unlike most of my units I wanted to go with something a little less uniform in appearance, so I opted for a mix of White, Yellow and 'Saffron' robes over black armor.The banners are my rough approximations of Buddhist slogans or imagery found on different Sohei or Ikko-Ikki banners.
 The last stand is a little more eclectic as I used it as a chance to use up some of the random figs I had left over, so it includes Two Dragons and Essex figs as well.

I am fairly pleased with how these guys turned out, and does give me a fairly good force to use for Samurai Battles or Impetus.  As long as I mix in some of my more generic Teppo or Bow armed units.  I only have one stand of Peasants so far, so I should probably work on them next.
Burgeoning Warrior Monk army


  1. Very cool force; interesting the guys with the naginata have almost identical poses with some Curteys 28mm Samurai I have.

  2. Excellent additions to your project! I was looking at my remainder of unpainted figures for this project early this morning. I must have sensed an escalation.

    1. Indeed, and the boy asked me to teach him to play tonight!


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