Halloween 2014 - Dramatis Personae

In preparation for this years game, I decided to update Mason's "Avatar" from 15mm.  I opted to use a mix of Sergeants and Knights from the Fireforge plastic sets.

First up is King Mason himself, this time on foot.  I let him select the weapons.  The cloak is from the Teutonic Knights set.

The Original
Next up his personal guard w/ Reversed Livery

A couple of Woodland Scouts

Two retainers with his livery integrated into their crests

Finally two men-at-arms to add to the group

This completes his war party.  Next are the villains of our fair story....


  1. Not surprising he chose the Flail for the cool look. Evidently a difficult weapon to master but potentially devastating in the hands of a skilled and powerful user!


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