Wagons Ho!

Time to add some baggage to the collection!  I opted to finally pick up some 6mm Wagons from Baccus on my last order, and ordered 1 pack of Tumbrils and 1 pack of covered wagons.  Both sets come with 4 Wagon models each and draft horses.  The covered wagons come with 4 draft horses each, and the tumbrils with 1 horse and 1 suttler per wagon.

There is a definite age difference between the sets, with the Covered wagons showing their age.  No major issues, however a couple of drivers are missing their heads.  The tongues are also spindly and fragile.  Nothing horrible, just looks like most of the early castings compared to the updated sets.

I wanted to liven up the bases, so I opted to add some of the pack mules from GHQs 3rd World Heavy weapons set.  They fit well, and add some color to the stands.

For the Tumbrils, the castings are much cleaner and more robust.  They come with removable loads, so you can have empty wagons or generate your own loads.

Overall, I really like the look of these guys, and I think they are generic enough to work across many of the periods in my 6mm collection.


  1. I was also disappointed at the quality on the covered wagons and thought Peter should retire them already. They're passable however and I've used them as ACW ammo wagons.

    1. I agree, but I give them a pass as the wagons were superior for their time-period and still better than anything I could get through Irregular. Much of my early baccus collection does not compare well to the updates.

  2. I have to agree with you 100% on your points. I have both sets and really prefer the tumbrils


  3. I think they all look fine for the tabletop. I have four 28mm Wagons to do - always good for table dressing, convoy scenarios, raids, etc. Most can be used well into the early 20th century.


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