More 6mm Wurttemberg Infantry

My Wurttemberger contingent now joins my Badener's in "near completion"  At this point I think I have everything I need complete save for the command stands, and perhaps some limbers and caissons if I can find some appropriate models.

It is hard to make out from the pics, but I did go with a mix of facing colors to differentiate my four regiments"  1 White, 1 Red, 1 Yellow and 1 Pink.  I stuck with a lighter shade of blue for the uniforms to make them contrast more with my French troops for identification.  The standards are all from the Baccus Wurttemberg flag sheet

Rounding out the corps will be  a pair of field guns.  The uniform is very close in color and cut to the Baden uniform, so I went with dark pants and brown guns to help differentiate them


  1. Agreed! The King of Wurttemburg lavished a lot of attention on his Army, and had high expectations of its performance!

    1. Than I feel somewhat bad they are more or less darker-blue Bavarians at this scale...

  2. Great work as always, even if you don't actually collect or paint 6mm LOL


  3. Perhaps the Saxon Duchies next, hint hint?

  4. Perhaps the Saxon Duchies next, hint hint?


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