6mm Wurttemberg Cavalry

1st Chevaulegers

Following up on the infantry, I painted up three stands of Wurttemberg cavalry.  This includes the 1st and 2nd Chevaulegers and the Jagers zu Pferd.  The updates of many of Baccus' cavalry casts now come with a molded standard for the guidon bearer.  I didn't have any references, so I went with block colors to make identification a little easier.

2nd Chevaulegers

Jagers zu Pferd

 There were enough figs in a single pack to do five stands, so I painted up the other two units as the Baden Dragoons and a Hessian Chevaulegers. (Pictures coming soon)


  1. The Wurttemburg Cavalry (or at least the King) seemed fond of frequent uniform changes! the Jagers zu Pferd in particular came out nicely.


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