1/6000 Imperial Japanese Fleet Part III -The Battleships

Back to WWII at sea we have the Japanese Battlewagons. Above are the Yamato and Musashi.  Followed by the Battle-cruisers Hiei, Kongo, Kirishima and Haruna.  The scale is really too slight for the level of detail to ID individual hulls, but there is no mistaking the ship class and normal distances.  The paint schemes are all relatively straight forward with tan decks, a mix of lt/dark grey on the hulls and black-grey for the  stacks. I painted some tiny flags on the #2 and 3 turrets on two of the Kongos, just to help differentiate them.

Finally, the Nagato and Fuso.  There are no float planes modeled in this scale.

That accounts for almost all of the Japanese fleet minus a handful of cruisers and, of course, the carriers.  The US light ships should be easy as well (lt grey hulls with weatherdeck blue decks.)  But I want to try some of the Camoflage patterns for the BBs and Carriers.


  1. Nice ships; they do the job admirably - or is that admiral-ably? :-)


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