Baden Company

IR #1, Leib-Infanterie-Regiment Grossherzog.

Turning from the Guard to some of Napoleon's German Allies, I opted to knock out the Baden contingent for Massena's 4th Corps.  While looking at pictures of the units I was struck by how closely their distinctive helmets resembled the Austrian helmets in 6mm scale.  (They are more squat than the taller Bavarian Helmets that both Baccus and Adler do.)  Since I still have an abundance of Helmeted Austrian infantry, I figured why not?

IR #2
IR #3
IR #4
I think they work fine at this scale, although I may need to go back and add some color to the combs as well as some red epaulets for the Grenadiers.  The blue came out brighter in the pictures, but combined with the banners it leaves little doubt that these ar not Austrians.  I have already started on the Leib-Garde grenadiers and the Baden Hussars using some of Baccus' French models.  I recently put in an order for some Wurttembergers that I will use for the light infantry, light cavalry and artillery stands.


  1. Great additions to your 1809 forces, Jake!.Wow, all four Baden Line regiments done, plus planning on adding rhe Hussars, Artillery Jagers, and presumably the light blue coated Light Dragoons! The Baden Guards saw no action that I know, of which certainly need not keep you from raising them!

    Not the slightest chance of mistaking these guys for Austrians. I wonder if a stripe of red on the combs of half of the helmets with a stripe of yellow on the other half would work to give an inpression of the unique Baden helmet?

    I found the Badeners required a surprising amount of duigging to get all the details of their uniforms. Definitely ripre area for a good Osprey!

    My friend in Dresden has a friend who works at the State Library in Karlsruhe (capital of Baden). He sounded her out on assistance researching the Badener army of the Napoleonic wars. Unfortunately, her response was "who would ever care about that?" Sigh!

    My plans to add the Light Dragoons and an artillery battery to my collection have been awaiting some decent figures... ? Perrys to come.

  2. I just got the pieces to add the Light Dragoons and the Artillery. As for the Guards, since when has history ever got in the way of painting 'elite' units?


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