6mm French dribs and drabs

I have also finished off some other 'generic' units this month.  Here is another stand of Baccus Curassiers mounted on my the larger stands.  I much prefer these stands over the older 30x60mm bases.

I changed up my lighting for my photo box, which is definitely providing better outcomes:

Old Light

New Light

It is really noticeable with my command stands

a little blurry...

Here are some better images for my Baden Hussars and Grenadiers

Capping it off for the month, I added a couple of Limbers to the French army


  1. Nice work; I agree the larger stands present a nicer appearance.

  2. These are great, I also think the larger base is better. Mine are all on 60x30 and they are a bit cramped


    1. The only issue for me with the larger bases is that they practically demand me to add for figures to the cavalry units. I am considering increasing my Dragoon and Curassier stands to units of 12-15

  3. The new light box definitely seems to improve the pics. As I *may* have mentioned a few dozen times, I hate re-basing! However, I do think the larger bases look better as well.

    I would think that re-basing 6mm figures would be especially challenging due to the risk of breakage.

    All these 6mm Napoleonics are requesting some table time! :-)

    1. I despise rebasing with a passion. That said, I use white glue as my basing adhesive of choice, thus a brief soak loosens things up nicely. One of the benefits of using Acrylic Stains for the dip is that is seals the minis against water.


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