Chassuers a Pied

The other half of the Old Guard is now complete.  I tried a different approach to basing these that seemed to work better.  Essentially I flocked the strips before I mounted them, which allowed me to stack them closer.  The result is the much more dense assault column below.  I want them to look at least a little intimidating.

The other problem I find with Adler is that the Bayonets and Standards are very thin, and therefore snap readily.  I had barely noticed that the standard for this group was bent, when it fell off in my hand.  I will need to come up with a more rigid solution when I get around to printing some tiny standards to go along with these august regiments.

I don't have any more suitable Adler sculpts to do the Young guard, so I am going to try the Baccus re-sculpts.  They are going to have to get in line however, as I have a lot of 6mm figs demanding my attention.


  1. Well done, nice looking unit!

  2. Very nice and you do get the impact look you was wanting to achive


  3. You are definitely cranking these Old Guardmens out. I like how the front ranks are screening.

  4. The Middle and Old Guard infantry completd already, and fine work! Bravo, Vive l'Empereur, and all that!

    At this scale, probably any Voltiguer casting could be painted as Young Guard (ignore the epauletes), or use casting made for the Marines of the Guard (ignore any braiding),.

    1. Thanks. I have a package of the Baccus voltiguer resculpts, so I am going to give them a try.

  5. Nice work, the pre-flocking was a good decision!


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