Adler 6mm French Casualty Figures

I found a bag of these with my Adler Imperial Guard models, so I thought it best to get them done as well.  These are French Casualty figures with sculpts of various infantryman in the midst of being struck, stumbling and falling.  The set also includes two sprues of Shakos to properly show the distribution of falling hats...

The figures are well cast and detailed but do suffer from thin bayonets and connections to the base.  That means these are going to be fairly fragile, which is not a major selling point in battlefield markers .I intend to use these as disorder markers and stick to using the baccus casualties to represent, well, casualties.

For this bunch I did 1/3 Legare and 2/3 Ligne, but I held back enough to some stands of Italians.


  1. I like markers, as you know. These came out well! The seperate shakos sound funny, but are a good thought!

    1. I thought I might use them, but it really seems more effort than they are worth. Great stuff for dioramas I suppose

  2. Nice looking markers...and pics!


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