More Spanish Crusaders

I've finally added a second stand of Crusader knights to my "Knights of Calatrava" wing/force/battle for the Impetus Reconquista project.  This group uses the same Firefore Templars models I used for the first group as well as my Templar Crusaders.

The Original Group shown at right.

I opted to use all if the Braded warhorses to really focus on the black and red color scheme.  This unit also uses a limited number of the veni vidi vici decals I used on the Calatrava Foot units.

Another fun unit, and it leaves me with only two more foot units to complete group, then back to slogging through my Arab contingents


  1. Stunning contrast of colors between the two units

  2. Excellent work, Jake.
    For some reason I can't help but thinking "Nazgul" looking at them, though! They will definitely "cross over" the other way to Fantasy gaming if needed.

    1. I hadn't considered that. I have some left over cowls that come with the Men-at-arms set, perhaps I should see if they work for a kitbash? Hrmmmm.....

  3. They really look menacing especially the cavalry all clad in black. I like them so much, maybe YOU will have to face some black menace some day?

  4. Very impressive, all of them - my favourites are the Calatrava Knights, simply brilliant! Cheers!


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