The 28mm madness continues.

My current supply of 28mm Normans exhausted, I must pause to await my resupply from Monty.  I have also taken the opportunity rebase all of the existing figures now that I have found a list I like.  Drum roll please:  Kingdom of Aragon please take a bow.  This list has all the pieces I want including the crusader order knights.  This is the excuse I have needed to get some of the Fireforge game's plastic Templar knights.  That and another  box of Conquest Game's Norman nights should give me a playable force.

For this update I finished my fourth heavy infantry stand:

I've started doing more unifying colors on the shields to make the units stand out.

I stole some bows and quivers from a Viking plastic set to cobble together some archers from the same Conquest Games infantry set:

Finally, I used the wood-plank shields to create some Javelin skirmishers

I've really enjoyed working with these new plastics, and the larger scale allowed me to try some stuff I haven't done in awhile. The other advantage to the plastics is that they lighten the bases significantly.  Metal figs on 1/4:" plywood makes for some heavy units.  

I like the overall look of my cavalry units, but I can definitely see the advantage of mounting only 5 knights for the heavy units.  I have been tempted, however to do 12cm square bases just so I can mount them in cavalry wedges.  Perhaps with the next set.....


  1. What about using the recommended 120mm x 80mm for cavalry? Would that be deep enough to allow a wedge formation?

    Great progress on the project.

    1. I tried it but it lacked the level of 'pointy' I was looking for. I just ordered some more knights as well as a boxes set of Templars. I plan to do one stand of templars and one of a Spanish order.


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