Last of Celts, really this time....

I know, I claimed this project was done, but then I discovered two bags of skirmishers, and some command strips I had failed to complete.  $%#@!!

The top pic is my attempt at a dismounted leader stand based off of an extra Celtic Infantry command strip and some odd skirmishers.  I am not sure if I will ever use it, but there it is.

The others were done in various size groupings to denote different qualities and/or levels of general

This, combined with the Chariot mounted leaders gives me 12 stands to choose from, which should be sufficient.

The skirmishers are primarily slingers with some odd Javelins and Bowmen thrown into the mix:

They extra bases don't actually fit in with my CCA basing scheme, but I wanted to get all of the models painted and based.  I have also been playing with using one stand per unit on my smaller hex board, so who knows what their future might bring?

The light cavalry finally had their basing completed as well.

This brings the grand total of the army up to:

12 Leader Stands
4 Chariot Stands
6 Heavy Cavalry Stands
9 Medium Cavalry Stands
12 Light Cavalry Stands
8 'Frenzied Warrior' stands
8 Heavy Infantry Stands
12 Medium Infantry Stands
4 Light Infantry Stands
7 Archer Stands
6 Javelins Stands
12 Sling Stands

I would declare the entire ordeal ended, but there are two bags of casualty stands glaring accusingly at me as I type this....

I've added some gallery pages to the blog here in order to start cataloging my armies, both for myself and those interested in seeing the groups laid out.