Happy New Year and Secret Santa revealed

First off, Happy 2013 to all.  I hope the year treats you well.  I will probably have to get around to doing my New Year retrospective/goals update, but for now, Jon has set the bar higher than I can hope to achieve.

I did manage to complete one last goal before the clock struck midnight, and that was to complete my Secret Santa present.  I was delighted to discover that my benefactor looked over my website and decided to get me two Baccus 6mm Celtic Villages. I intentional did not post a wish list as I wanted to be surprised by  what someone else thought I needed, and indeed I was.  These models are clean and very quick to paint.

Each village comes with three pieces and the insert stands to put them in.  I have chosen not to use the insert stands, as I have some ideas as to how I can adapt them for my hex terrain projects.
Village from the front

And the back
During my search for reference materials, I also discovered a pack of unpainted 6mm Celtic Slingers, so my declaration of completion was slightly premature. They are now complete along with some others odds and ends that are in the process of basing.

Thanks again to my secret santa and to Ian for putting the whole thing together.


  1. Another result, for you and Baccus LOL.

    These look nice and you beat me to the punch. I have just got to finish the bases on my SS and I will also have finished them. Happy Days



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